10 Feb 2012

J.I.T. Manufacturing

Just in time!

I finally finished my chair. It's been waiting to be stained and finished for months now. Also, I needed to put the finishing touches on the upholstery job: two little buttons. It always dresses up a chair so nicely.

A quick snap via instagram, taken at 6:45 this morning...
This chair has a sexy back!

So, this weekend is the Pop-Up Shop at 666 Queen East (near Broadview). I've packed LOTS of goodies that aren't on the site, some cool pieces I forgot I had. I think my "collector" self was hiding some items from "seller self" so that I could keep them! I'm going to be selling some items at a reduced price, because I don't like the idea of lugging them back home at the end of the weekend. So please come and take a piece of two off my hands!

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