26 Feb 2012

Domino Magazine is back!

Few things capture my imagination as easily as a big, juicy design and decor magazine. Everything around me dissolves away and I feel I've shrunk down to mini-size, walking around inside the magazine. The great thing about an especially successful magazine is its ability to inspire me, even 8 to 10 years later. Good design is good design after all. So I have stacks of magazines that I refer to regularly for inspiration.

As a Christmas present this year, S gave me a subscription to Elle Decoration (UK). I probably don't need to tell you that this was my favourite gift! It's so exciting to receive something in the mail other than bills.

And a few weeks ago, I heard some pretty exciting news about an old favourite magazine of mine that has since gone out of print: DOMINO MAGAZINE IS COMING BACK!!!

Published from 2005 to 2009 by Condé Nast, Domino Magazine was one of the few magazines that featured achievable style ideas for non-millionaires. It its first year, Domino received many media awards for Best New Magazine. But sadly, in Jan 2009, Condé Nast announced that, because of the economic downturn, the magazine was folding.

So when I heard that Domino Magazine announced a "new guide to living with style," I was thrilled! A special edition, entitled Domino Quick Fixes, will be available at newsstands across the US (and hopefully Canada?) on April 17th. Quick Fixes will feature easy, inexpensive design and decor changes.

You can read more about it here.

Image from www.dominomag.com

20 Feb 2012

Pop Up - Day 2

The pop up shop is behind me now and I'm looking ahead to a sale I have planned for the month of March. I want to clear some items out of the warehouse so I believe some price-slashing is in order -- stay tuned!

I'm also planning for Kipkoo to make an appearance at an upcoming Sunday at the St. Lawrence Antique Market, so watch for that as well.

In the meantime, here's a pic of two items that sold at the pop-up shop on day 2: the stocking forms and a lovely embroidered piece that once belonged to Lauren.

Thanks to all those who came out and supported Kipkoo! It was nice to see a few familiar faces in the East end.

11 Feb 2012

Pop Up - Day One

I'm exhausted. Day One of the pop-up is over. The first day is always the hardest, because you're tired from all the setting up. Day Two should be easier.

There's lots of stuff left. The weather is keeping people away, so don't be shy, barter with me for the price you want!

Also, the other vendors are amaaaaaazing. I couldn't resist buying a few things myself.

The details again, for those who want to come and see:

The Cat and Fox Vintage Collective
Hearts on Fire Pop-up Shop
666 Queen Street East
(Queen and Broadview)
Sunday Feb 12, 10:00 AM til 5:00 PM

Also, can I just tell you that I have the best friend in the world? LS has devoted her whole weekend to these pop up shenanigans, including the set-up on Friday. Thanks, L, for being so wonderful.

10 Feb 2012

J.I.T. Manufacturing

Just in time!

I finally finished my chair. It's been waiting to be stained and finished for months now. Also, I needed to put the finishing touches on the upholstery job: two little buttons. It always dresses up a chair so nicely.

A quick snap via instagram, taken at 6:45 this morning...
This chair has a sexy back!

So, this weekend is the Pop-Up Shop at 666 Queen East (near Broadview). I've packed LOTS of goodies that aren't on the site, some cool pieces I forgot I had. I think my "collector" self was hiding some items from "seller self" so that I could keep them! I'm going to be selling some items at a reduced price, because I don't like the idea of lugging them back home at the end of the weekend. So please come and take a piece of two off my hands!