16 Sep 2011

trompe l'oeil of a trompe l'oeil

Much media fuss has been made about British designer Deborah Bowness and her trompe l'oeil wallpaper. Her unique hand-screened papers have adorned the walls of New York Soho House and Phillip Stark’s Yoo-Aldelgade in Copenhagen. Deborah's collections create a sense of dual reality, where 2-D images of life-sized, everyday objects nestle alongside yours.

After examining the images inside her "picture wall" wallpaper (above, in this page from Elle Decoration, October 2007), I thought it would be fun to create a trompe l'oeil of a trompe l'oeil!  So I searched the internet to find real art pieces to replicate the look. Most of the pieces were found through esty, which offers some very attractive and affordable art.

1. "Runna" by tushtush on etsy.com  2. "Forest Print" by debbie-carlos on etsy.com  3.  Paint by number piece by Morningtide on ebay.com  4. "Alida" -- an original acrylic paint on MDF for only $65! -- by tushtush on etsy.com  5. Keane painting from MeadowViewVintage on etsy  6. mid-century sailboat painting from packratsrus on etsy  7. From a vintage 1943 Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo tour program from EclecticArtifacts on etsy.com  8. "Zelda", a vintage oil painting from dixielarue on etsy.com  9. Paint by number by Morningtide on ebay.com

1. "Antelopes" print by debbiecarlos on etsy.com  2. A piece by famous pin-up artist, Fritz Willis 3. Still life oil painting by Esch, from wyoupcucler on etsy.com  4. 50s ballerina print from apricotvintage on etsy.com  5. oil painting by P. Wong from RareEarthProducts on etsy.com  6. botanical print from NaturalistCollection on etsy.com  7. a botanical print from my own collection  8. original sailboat painting from DermalPro on ebay.com  9. vintage paint-by-number from mightyfinds on etsy.com  10. an original drawing by "Steph" from Herefordshire on BBC's blast.co.uk.


  1. Love it! That first vignette is so up my alley... unhappy vintage lady paintings AND nauticalia? YES PLEASE.

  2. Yes! Have always been such a huge fan of Deborah Bowness' picture wall wallpaper and your collages are absolutely perfect! In fact, can we make them both life-sized so that we can hang them in our place?