25 Apr 2012

My first etsy purchase!

Last night I made my first etsy purchase EVER! I know it's weird -- to have an online vintage shop and not actually have purchased anything on etsy -- but I'm still hesitant to buy things online without touching them first.

For years I've been visiting etsy, feasting my eyes on all the goodies there, and always wondered, what will it take for me to finally buy something? And what would that item be that I couldn't live without?

Windchimes, apparently. I can't live without these beautiful windchimes by Irona. I don't know where I'm going to put them, but I love their rough-hewn, rustic, hand-made, timeless quality. I hope to find a way to display them so that every little dent and scratch can be fully admired.

Check out more of Irona's work here.

My 3 beautiful windchimes, made from recycled and antique metal. Photo by Irona.

Same photo as above, just a close-up crop.

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