13 Jan 2012

Wanna be in a quilting bee?

It's snowing today, and I'm dreaming of quilts. Soft, puffy quilts with intricate patterns, or scrappy quilts with fabric pieces from my childhood, something to whisk me away from the present.

I've always wanted to be in a quilting bee. I grew up in a small town in Southern Ontario, and Mennonite quilts were everywhere. I have this image of observing a group of Mennonite women sitting around a large quilt, focused on their work. I used to go to a quilt show every year with my mom, and we'd walk around and pick out our favourite.

I think a huge part of the appeal of a quilting bee, for me, would be to escape computers and cell phones and just sit and stitch with a bunch of people who's company I enjoy. Lately, I feel like I spend too much time in front of my computer, so the idea of sitting around with the room of crafty women (and men!) is so inviting.

I've actually NEVER owned a quilt, but now that I'm in the vintage business, perhaps I can keep a lookout for one that suits me.

I've been eyeing up some of the more modern quilts I've found online. The one that makes me swoon the most is 9 Patch Color Study by Eleanor McCain.

Left: Jack's Modern Quilt by Nancy Stoval.  Right: Roots Ginger Queen by Denise Schmidt 

Left: 9 Patch Color Study by Eleanor McCain.  Right: SkullFucked by Quiltsryche.

Left: Bedeviled by Regina Alexander.  Right: Snakecharmer by Denise Schmidt.

Look! Even hipsters (and their dogs) love a good, old-fashioned quilt!

Publicity shot for "The Rosebuds," a band on Merge Records.


  1. I will be in a quilting bee with you - I've always wanted to quilt. Interesting selections!

    1. check out the synergy in the toronto blog world!