8 Aug 2011

Making a couch -- from SCRATCH.

I think it was the sofa I saw in the April 2010 Elle Decoration (UK) that made me want to pick up a few upholstery skills in the first place. One day in August of last year, we were leafing through the magazine when I stopped at this page:

Me: "How difficult would it be to make this sofa?"
Him: "Easy."

I agreed to do the cushions, even though at the time I didn't have a proper sewing machine and hadn't sewn much beyond an easy pillow case.

Jump ahead a year later. S constructed a similar sofa, only he added his own special touches; the jute webbing used to support the cushions makes a gorgeous visual element along the front, sides and back.

The cushions themselves don't quite live up to the level of excellence S achieved, but  I did learn as I went along. The first two box cushions were a bit too large and wonky, but the third one looks pretty decent. Overall, I think my year-ago self would be impressed.

Two of the wonky box pillows...

The most successful of the three box cushions -- and the gorgeous jute detailing beneath!
in situ (I couldn't shoot the close-up pics on this wall – the room is too narrow.)

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  1. Yowza. I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW NICE THAT TURNED OUT. Stunning. I guess a visit is in order. Actually, maybe an order is in order. Is S taking orders? stunning. I say again. stunning.